We are closed for business from 1st December 2023 to 31st January 2024. Have a Blessed Christmas to you and your whanau!

About Us

Hi everyone, Melissa here and together with my husband Joel, we are the owners of About Candles And Scents. Thanks for dropping by to read our humble beginnings.

     In 2015, we searched for someone that would make an affordable personalized candles for our 3rd child’s baptism.  Unable to find any in our hometown (Hamilton, New Zealand), I turned online and self-taught the basics of customizing candles. I was so pleased being able to personally create my son’s baptism candles. This led me to making more candles and gave them as gifts to families and friends.  I find it meaningful creating special designs and embossing personalize messages. By word of mouth, people started asking for personalize candles from us. The demand grew bigger and so we decided to turn this into a business and About Candles And You was born and registered in November 2018.

Since day 1, our aim is to personalize candles.

We have made thousands of personalised candles for baptisms, weddings, memorials, graduations, birthdays, house blessings etc.

We have created candles for schools, businesses, companies, community groups and organizations.

We would not be here without the people's trust and love of our work.


WE CREATE CANDLES to make your occasions MORE meaningful and memorable.

WE CREATE CANDLES to attract positive vibes and emotions.

WE CREATE CANDLES to convey support and care.

WE CREATE CANDLES to make you feel special, valued and loved

      The year 2021 has given us time to reflect on our business journey.  We decided to expand and offer scented products too. Very determined to do this, we changed our trading name from About Candles and You TO About Candles And Scents on the 8th of January 2022.

      We are excited and looking forward to how this will all turn out. Stay with us xx

     God bless you and your family circle. 

     Love, Melissa and Joel 

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