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Making scented candles is an art

Making scented candles is an art

Making scented candles is an art

Making scented candles is not as easy as what many people say. It definitely goes beyond melting, mixing and pouring. It requires a lot of researching, testing, mathematics, patience and perseverance. That is if you really wanted to do it right and produce good quality products. It is not something that you can rush because you need to test, and test and test again each time you get a new container, use a new wick, choose or add a new fragrance or work with a different kind of wax.

I thought that my first hand-poured scented candles were a success. Well, the cold throws (the scent that comes out when the wax is not lighted) have definitely made me so happy thinking that  I got the right mixture on my first try. Plus the candles came out with smooth top, no holes, burning well and burning clean (these are only SOME of the characteristics of a good quality scented candle). But the thing was, they didn't emit much hot throws (the scent that comes out when the candle is burning). This was the downside of my first try and this is a big downside!

After making scented candles, it is ideal to wait for two weeks before burning it. We call that curing time. This will give the wax and the essential or fragrance oils to fully bind so the candle emits good strong scent when it burns. This requires a lot of patience, waiting and hoping that you did the right formula. This is part of the testing phase! 

For the last 3 weeks, I have poured candles in 16 different containers using different scents, different wicks and different blending and pouring time. I have a notebook where I write all my records. You really need to be organize in doing the testing otherwise, all the efforts and time you put into it will be wasted. You need a result which will help you decide which jar, wick, percentage of oils and temperature in mixing and pouring go together!

I have tried lighting a candle after 2 days of pouring. The candle burnt perfectly and I was so happy. That means that the flame was steady and tear-drop shape, no smoke came out ( as expected because I use pure soy wax) the melt is clean and the wick is right attaining a melt pool after an hour. The hot throw was not as strong but still emitted a good scent considering that curing time was only 48 hours. It was a good one! That gave me a good idea on 1 candle jar size.

Fast forward,  for nearly a month now, I have established two sets of jar and wick and have developed four signature blends. It was not an easy four weeks but I believe that this is an important time in developing our products that will hopefully be enjoyed by many.

Making scented candles is certainly not a low-cost start up business as advertised by many. I guess some would immediately sell candles after they have poured it which means selling their testers to get back at least the cost of the ingredients; but this is something that I'm not comfortable doing. I am one who believes in hard-work and the value of money. So if someone buys any of our products, we want to make sure in the best way we can that people are spending wisely by buying good quality products!

Making scented candle is an art. Why? Because you need to develop a skill that will produce products to be admired by people and something that will connect with them least that's my mission❤️


Posted: Monday 26 June 2023

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