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Car diffuser/freshener

Car diffuser/freshener

Freshen your car or any small space with the scent of blended fragrance oils.

We currently have 4 hand-bkended and hand-poured diffuser scents made in small batches to ensure a good mixture giving a well-blended aroma.

The  scents that we use are known for their calming and uplifting effects to our mood. Very needed during these times.

1. Lavender and Vanilla

2. Bergamot and Sandalwood

3. Raspberry and Vanilla

4. Sweet Pea and Vanilla 


Unscrew the wooden lid

Remove the plastic cover.

Screw back the wooden lid.

Tip the diffuser for about 5secs or until the top of the wooden lid is moist.

Hang it inside the car, away frim direct sunlight, away from kids and away from the windshield. You can also use this to freshen small spaces like cupboards, toilets, small office.

Protect coverings, linens and furnitures from spillages.

Keep away from high temperature and flammable products.

Turn the container upside down for 3-5secs every 5 days to ensure a fresh space all the time!


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