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These scented candles will speak for you. Great as gifts not just on special celebrations like mother's day, grandmother's day, teacher's day, nurses's day birthday, friendship day, birthdays or on a random pay it forward day! Cos, why not?

These candles are made from pure soy wax and hand-blended fragrance oils. If you notice some frosting or a whitish or crystalline colour coating of the candle, this is a natural characteristic of pure soy wax and it doesn't affect the scent throw or burning properties of the candle. This only means that you're getting a clean and non-toxic candle that you will want to use.

The vessel is a high quality thick, frosted glass that you can reuse after the candles are consumed. 

We pride ourselves in crafting good quality scented candles that permeates delightful aroma at home, office or any chosen space. Try one and you won't be disappointed.

Net wt. 250grams or approximately 50plus hours burn time on best conditions.

Treat yourself or buy this for a special someone.

We have variety of scents, all hand-blended and hand-poured candles made in small batches to ensure a good mixture giving a well-blended aroma.

The  scents that we use are known for their calming and uplifting effects to our mood, some helps in good sleep too.

1. FRENCH LAVENDER and VANILLA- a warm, soft and citrusy scent blended with a fresh and rejuvenating floral aroma.

 2. BERGAMOT AND SANDALWOOD- a sweet, citrusy scent combined with a gentle woody and musky aroma makes this blend a balsamic, sweet, floral notes that is warm and subtle. 

3. COCONUT LIME AND PEAR- a combination of tropical note blends resulting in a sweet, fruity, milky, vanilla aroma, rich but gentle, calming and refreshing.

4. BLACK RASPBERRY AND VANILLA- a smooth, creamy, fruity scent that is well-liked by many. It is a blend of coconut, vanilla and the scent of berries

5. JASMINE AND YLANG YLANG- tropical, exotic, rich and sweet floral scent. If you want a deep, strong floral and earthy aroma blend, this is for you

6. SWEET PEA AND JASMINE- a blend of floral and fruity scents that is rich, exotic and sweet.

Please check out our candle care and safety instructions.


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