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Take your toilet sprays up the next notch!

Try our toilet sprays to freshen that important space at home or in your office. 

This is a limited edition!

Choose your scent and get a 250ml spray in random colour vessel. This should last you at least 3 months unless you love our spray so much that you'll end up using them all over the place:-). The vessel is made of aluminum so there's no fuss when you drop it plus it prevents the fragrance oils from deteriorating from sunlight exposure. 

We have blended 3 scents, all vanillaLY....Cos, you'll never go wrong with Vanilla!

Our sprays are made out of fragrance oils, distilled water and polysorbate 80. All sourced in NZ!

Buy now! You won't be disappointed!


NZ$ 25.00

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[{"colour":"","size":"Orange and Vanilla","price":25,"pid":3761858,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/634698/pid3761857/img20220330114341.jpg","title":"TOILET SPRAY"},{"colour":"","size":"Lavender and Vanilla","price":25,"pid":3761859,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/634698/pid3761857/img20220330114341.jpg","title":"TOILET SPRAY"},{"colour":"","size":"Raspberry and Vanilla","price":25,"pid":3761860,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/634698/pid3761857/img20220330114341.jpg","title":"TOILET SPRAY"}]
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