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Wax melts

Wax melts

Wax melts are scented wax that emits aroma when the wax is melted on a warmer.

Unlike scented candles, these are wickless and can easily fill your home with delightful scent that lasts for as long as the wax is melting. 

An advantage of these wax melts is you can use them without lighting a fire if you use an electric warmer which you can easily buy in many shops.

We use pure soy wax in all our melts with high quality fragrance oils, all sourced here in New Zealand.

All our blending and pouring are done in our humble and busy abode in Hamilton, Waikato.

Try these and you won't be disappointed! Great as gifts too!

Choose from our available scents:

Raspberry and Vanilla: pink colour

Coconut,Lime and Pear: green colour

French Lavender: Lavender colour

Sweet Pea and Jasmine: white colour

Bergamot and Sandalwood: white colour

Some of our sets includes a scented wax freshener which you can use to freshen spaces like your closets, drawers, small room, toilet or even your car (but away from direct sunlight please). These are double purpose because once the cold throw scent is gone (usually after 2 months), then you can break and melt this on your warmer and be a wax melt too❤️ Design varies depending on what dried flowers are available.

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